Members of the ABRF Metagenomics Research Group and eXtreme Microbiome Project have presented, or will be presenting, at the following meetings. If you or your organization is interested in our group speaking about XMP, please click here to contact us. We are always excited to share our latest techniques and results. 


Monthly Virtual XMP Meeting. Please contact us for more information.

XMP Monthly Meeting August 10, 2021
Presentations from Marie Schoelmerich and Mark Brown

XMP Monthly Meeting November 2, 2021
Presentation from Dr. John Priscu

XMP Monthly Meeting July 13, 2021
Presentations from Elizabeth Hénaff and Concetta Dipace

XMP Monthly Meeting June 8, 2021
Presentations from Mariana Masso, Fernando Alonso, Daniela Centron, and Camilla Urbaniak

XMP Monthly Meeting May 4, 2021
Hosted by Dr. Scott Tighe with presentations from Nicole Wagner and Dr. Chris Mason

XMP Monthly Meeting April 6, 2021
Hosted by Dr. Scott Tighe with presentations from Dr. Caryn Evilia and Dr. Felipe Gomez.